Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine vol. 2

Erik Van Woensel

Κωδικός Προϊόντος : 978907874200
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Case studies - Long term treatment - Theory.

What this series has to offer you:

  • Clear instructions about how to analyse the information coming from the homeopathic consultation and how to synthesize this outcome into a homeopathic prescription
  • Insight in how to make a prognosis, considering:
  • What has to be treated as to pathology,
  • What the condition of the defence mechanism is and the patient's level of health,
  • Possible causative and disease-maintaining factors,
  • The patient's personal and family medical history,
  • The patient's functioning as a human being: mentally, emotionally and socially,
  • The clearness of the remedy pattern.
  • Information that enables you to better estimate the duration and complexity of the treatment.
  • The ability to judge the symptoms presented in the case as to their peculiarity and how to find the distinctive characteristic symptoms of the case.
  • A well-structured schedule about the different strategies that can be used to arrive at a homeopathic prescription, enabling you to choose the right strategy in order to make the correct prescription.
  • Knowledge how to differentiate the appropriate remedies and select the most similar one.
  • Guidelines along which you can select the right potency to start the treatment with.
  • Practical tips helping you to correctly evaluate the reaction to the prescribed remedy.
  • Many cases, with a long-term treatment up to more than twenty years, to practise your knowledge on prognosis, case analysis, materia medica, potency selection and evaluation of the case.