Diseases of Children

Charles Sigmund Raue
Κωδικός Προϊόντος : 9788170211761

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Homeopathic treatment.
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Since the appearance of the first edition of this work seven years ago. a number of important discoveries have been made in the field of Paediatrics, and some significant changes have occurred in the views held at that time regarding the etiology and treatment of not a few of the commonest affections in childhood. Furthermore, it is but fair to say that the writer himself has felt the need for revising some of his views expressed in the former edition, for with riper years and larger experience he has learned the value of conservative methods, and has endeavored to replace the mere possibilities of therapeutics with clinical certainties.
The text has been entirely rewritten, and new matter has been added wherever it was found desirable to amplify any subject. The chapter upon Infant Feeding is practically new, and the aim has been to present in a concise and clear form the most acceptable and modern views upon this subject, which has of late years been made unnecessarily complicated. A chapter upon Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat has been added, and illustrations have been inserted wherever a picture or a diagram could be advantageously employed to elucidate the text.
I am again indebted to a number of my colleagues for valuable suggestions and friendly cooperation, which, to my mind, is necessary in any work covering so broad a field as that of Pediatrics. Dr. Chas. M. Thomas has kindly read the sections dealing with the diseases affecting the eyes, the ears, the nose and the throat, and has made a few additions to the manuscript. To Dr. Wm B. Van Lennep I am indebted for assistance in revising the articles upon Appendicitis and Intussusception, and also for suggestions concerning the treatment of other conditions, wherever this has presented a surgical aspect. Dr. W. D. Bayley has kindly offered some suggestions relative to Mental and Nervous Diseases.
For the excellent index I am indebted to Dr. Ernest A. Farrington, whose painstaking arrangement of the various subjects mentioned and discussed must of necessity add to the practical value of the book. 1 have also to thank the publishers for their liberality in preparing the many illustrations, and for numerous other courtesies.
I cannot refrain from expressing my appreciation of the kind reception which the first edition received at the hands of the profession and of the students of our colleges, and while my aim has been not to overstep the bounds of a Text-Book, I trust that the busy practitioner will find within these pages all the practical information which he may need.
C. vS. RAUE.
1626 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. February, 1906.