The Bonninghausen Repertory

George Dimitriadis

Κωδικός Προϊόντος : 978097577131

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Therapeutic Pocketbook Method.

Second Edition.
It is now a decade since the publication of The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR), and this second edition is the result of the continued application of this repertorial method with constant reference to our primary sources for clarification of rubric terms.

Summary of features and changes from TBR 1st edition.

The most accurate and compact repertory fully representing the 125 medicines contained within:

Every entry now checked against Bönninghausen's own TT manuscript and corrections made only after careful reference to source provings
Accurate rendering and re-translation of all rubrics from the original German
Contains only material from Bönninghausen's original TT thereby maintaining the integrity of the method as was originally intended
Removal of all duplicate and synonymous rubrics.
The only repertory with clarification of rubrics meanings
Each rubric referenced to its original German TT counterpart
Expanded section of explanatory endnotes (first introduced in TBR1) clarifying the precise meaning of the rubric
Many more rubrics now referenced to the source provings with full rendering of the entire symptom as found in the materia medica
The only repertory with consistent and meaningful grading system
Thorough rechecking of grades from the original TT manuscript
Accurate representation of the original TT allows the consideration of Bönninghausen's own clinical experience in the analysis

368 pages Hardbound; 140 pages endnotes linked to each rubric; 70 page introduction, including history of repertory and instruction in the use of this method. Also available in a computer software version.
TBR2 is proudly offered to the profession, for the professional prescriber
George Dimitriadis
Sydney, Australia
January 2010