A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths

Rajat Chattopadhyay
prodotto : 978813190717
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Pages: 314

Including clinical medicine and Materia Medica.

Free Audio CD of Normal & Abnormal Heart Sounds with Commentary.

From the vast ocean of the Cardiovascular system,Dr. Rajat Chattopadhyay has picked up those diseases,which a homeopath should have sound knowledge about. A homeopath should know the scope & limitations of the homeopathic system of medicine & when to refer the cases to other schools. The book contains updated information about the cardiac diseases, which is essentially needed by the profession. The book also has a short materia medica on cardiac diseases, which will prove very useful to the homeopathic clinicians in their daily practice, as well as to the students for their precise therapeutic guidance. The idea of bringing out this book is to bestow all the homeopaths with confidence to treat cardiovascular diseases.