Brain Tumor Cured by Homeopathy

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This booklet is divided into following sections:
i) Case Taking Proforma of the Author with repertorial references — under each question reference of'Kent's Rep-ertories' Page is given for easy access to the rubric. The case taking proforma is a general model, which the author exten¬sively use for each and every chronic case.
ii) Miasmatic Interpretation and Discussion of the points in favour of the Indicated Remedy — as the author is in a habit of making a miasmatic diagnosis of each and every case (please refer his book MIASMATIC DIAGNOSIS: PRACTICAL TIPS WITH CLINICAL COMPARISONS), the heritage that he descended from his three generations of ancestor Homoeopaths. Thus with this case also, he has made a miasmatic diagnosis and interpreted the same in his prescribing.
iii) Pre-cancerous Manifestations — in this section author highlights the pre-cancerinic state and its early diagnosis for prevention of cancerous development, through anti-mias¬matic constitutional remedies.
iv) Regional Homoeo Therapeutics of Cancer — here is a collection of different small remedies in terms of Regional Lesions viz. Oral Cancer and its remedies, etc.
v) Homoeo Therapeutics (Materia Medica) of the Neo-plastic Remedies — here in this section, there is an extensive collection of about 56 remedies, including various lesser known remedies (which author uses frequently and thereby have an extensive clinical experience supported by different datas gathered from his predecessors).