Practical Handbook of Surgery with Therapeutic Hints

S.P. Verma
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Pages: 568

 The modern medicines which are used before, during and after the operations can be safely replaced by the homoeopathic medicines and with better results too. The medicines, along with their indications, have been given for each condition to give it a fair trial before the operation.

The publisher:
Homeopathy is not the least opposed to the practice of Surgery, although it tries to minimise its use in the treatment of diseases. The cases are on record in which the diseases, which were considered to be primarily surgical in nature, were successfully treated by homoeopathic medicines. These diseases include Calculus of Kidneys and Gall-bladder, Hernia, Intestinal obstruction, Piles, Fissures and fistulae, Tumourous growths of both benign and malignant nature, Ulcers, Haemorrhage, certain visual defects, sprains and the most important condition of Appendicitis and a number of so many other pathological conditions.