Respiratory System - Life and Consciousness

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Pages: 144

Volume 4: Organ - Conflict - Cure With Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Exercises

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The focal point of this book is the respiratory system, the breathing, and the approach to the process of breathing from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual viewpoint.

Rosina Sonnenschmidt goes well beyond the usual understanding of breathing, which she conceptualizes as a complex system from the lungs right down to the level of the individual cells. She discusses common diseases of the airways from bronchitis, asthma and emphysema through to lung cancer. She thereby describes the underlying psychological conflicts that we need to recognize and that patients need to resolve to become healthy again at the physical level.

Topics include: What takes someone's breath away? What makes someone long-winded, in the sense of having great stamina? The holistic treatment plan includes practical breathing exercises, important medicinal herbs such as thyme and sage, nutritional advice and aromatherapy oils. In the final section of the book, devoted to homeopathy, tried-and-tested remedies are proposed for each type of conflict, such as Beryllium, Anisum, Laurocerasus, Malicum acidum, Teucrium, various nosodes and allopathic medicines in homeopathic form.

The Organ-Conflict-Cure Series will be completed over the next two years. In total, there will be 12 volumes, each dealing with a particular organ system.

Volume 2: Liver and Gallbladder - Acquired Authority

Volume 4 : Respiratory System - Life and Consciousness

Volume 5 : Kidneys and Bladder – Basis of Self-Realisation

Volume 6 : Heart and Circulation - Natural Authority