The Twelve Tissues Remedies of Schussler

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The following treatise contains all that Schussier wrote on the subject. The symptoms have been compiled from the entire available literature and enriched with author's personal experience. Since its first edition in 1888 and thereafter, it's steadily increasing demand has exhausted four large editions and necessitated the preparation of a fifth edition.

  • Topics coverd: Introduction, History, Theory, Health and Diseases, Preparation, Dose, Biochemic and Homeopathic relationship
  • Materia Medica of the twelve tissue remedies, symptoms, common name, chemical data, general action characteristic indications, homeopathic data, administration, relationship etc.
  • Therapeutic application of the twelve tissue remedies, comprising indication and clinical cases, alphabetically arranged
  • Repertory of the twelve tissue remedies, arranged upon a pathologico-anatomical basis.