An Insight into Plants Vol. 1 & 2

Rajan Sankaran

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Pages: 1550

The publisher writes:

In this book Dr. Sankaran provides a framework of how the plant kingdom can be classified and understood. 

He traces the common sensation of each family and shows how this sensation can be seen in the remedies in that family. The remedies are differentiated by the miasm to which they belong. 

Thus a grid of plant remedies is created that looks like the periodic table of the elements. Illustrated with over a hundred successfully treated cases and several provings, this book opens up the plant kingdom as never before. 

Dr. Sankaran also introduces his new approach to case taking which emphasizes the importance of going beyond body and mind to what he terms the vital sensation. He explains how a thorough understanding of the chief complaint itself leads to this deeper level and act as the pivot around which the case revolves. 

Used in conjuction with the understanding of the plant families, this approach has shown remarkable results in practice.

"Rajan Sankaran has added a new and vital discovery to homeopathy. After his omportant steps about the basic delusion and situational materia medica in his book " The Spirit of Homeopathy" this new discovery is a major break through."

......Jan Scholten in his Foreword.