Classical Homeopathic Lectures - Volume E

Vassilis Ghegas

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Information given by Dr. Med. Vassilis Ghegas during the seminars of May/October 1989 in the Netherlands.


-Remedies Ferr., Ferr-m., Ferr-i., Kali-fer., Rhus-t., Calc-s., Lac-c., Alum. & Calc-p.

- Fears and phobias in homeopathy.

-Remedies and their characteristic symptoms in metrorrhagia, grief, love disappointment, headache.

-Philosophy (how does homeopathy work?)

- Family dynamics.

Vassilis Ghegas is a master in hierarchical teaching. He discusses all topics that occur in homeopathic practice but the information he provides is hierarchically structured- not alphabetically. He first gives the information that you will frequently need in practice and later on, he presents less frequent topics and situations. He guides his students through a kind of structured evolution process he has through himself.

George Vithoulkas:

"...As far as I have seen, Vassilis has given a correct presentation of what I have taught him over the years. I think he has produced a very well done and informative series of books which will be great help to the homeopathic community..."

Roger Morrison:

" Vassilis Ghegas is one of the foremost homeopaths of the world. His teaching is direct and always based on fact and experience-never theory or conjecture. This books contain thousands of the most useful pearls of knowledge of homeopathy. All practitioners and serious students of homeopathy should study these books."