Principles and Practice of Homeophatic Pharmacy for Students

M.K. Sahani
prodotto : 978813190057

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Pages: 382

The publisher:

"The present work of Dr Sahani encourages the students to explore and take interest in the subject of pharmacy . It attempts to bring more information to the profession in a simple language.

I Hope this book will help to satisfy a need that, to a large extent, has remained inadequately satisfied...

I congratulate Dr. Sahani for this attempt to present the homeopathic pharmacy in its most natural way. " 

-- Dr P N Varma

With growing popularity of homeopathy worldwide, it has gained an official status. Homeopathic Pharmacy has never been static subject, it kept growing, and today, we find immense amount of work available on subject. There is a need for standardization as there are many up-coming pharmacopoeias of various countries. Thus there arise a need for making "Homeopathic Pharmacy" a more comprehensible subject. While making the book, an effort has been made to maintain the originality of subject while incorporating new technologies. This book is of use to both; undergraduates & to those pursuing post-graduation, in the subject.