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100% Pure Natural soap made of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and an extract of Chamomile, Olive Leaves, Cereal Bran, Coffee Beans and Chlorophyll.

It removes dead cells, and leaves dull skin looking bright, soft and moisturized.

Ideal for removing cellulite and localized fat.

Ideal for skin exfoliation

Several common soaps and skin cleansers contain various chemical ingredients and metals that the human body absorbs following their use.

Most of these are toxic and dangerous for human health, cumulatively causing serious diseases to the reproductive and endocrinological system, the liver and kidneys, the nervous system, allergies, skin reactions, swelling to the eyes and neck and much more, while some substances are even associated to carcinogenesis.

 Unfortunately, these substances are commonly found in everyday products of a broad spectrum, related to our personal hygiene.

FYSIO soap is hand-made from Exceptional Quality Greek products, matures naturally and has a certification for “EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY” from the Supreme Control Authority, the General Chemical State Laboratory (Decision No. 15333/2007).

The properties of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and herbs in combination with the absence of chemical additives and colours offer your skin a unique sense of cleanliness, softness and rejuvenation from the first time you use it.

All our products are manufactured following consultations with specialized scientists (Dermatologists, Pathologists, Food Technologists – Agronomists, Botanists and Chemical Analysts).

 Recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists.