Homoeopathic Diagnosis

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Hahnemann through Bönninghausen.

George Dimitriadis

You may already be familiar with The Bönninghausen Repertory - Therapeutic Pocketbook Method (TBR), edited by George Dimitriadis and published by our Hahnemann Institute, Sydney, in 2000. This work has been very well received by homœopaths world wide, and now forms a significant part of the daily practice of many of these same practitioners. George has been frequently asked to write detailing the application of the repertorial method of Bönninghausen and after much consideration and careful planning he has now answered these requests in the form of his new publication Homœopathic Diagnosis – Hahnemann through Bönninghausen (DHD).

DHD is a two-part instructional manual detailing the concept, construction, and application of the repertorial method of Bönninghausen, with over fifty case exercises illustrating the application of TBR, the revived English re-translation of Bönninghausen's Therapeutisches Taschenbuch (Therapeutic Pocketbook).

Part one

details the development and genius of Bönninghausens's Therapeutic Pocketbook
shows the link between the Homœopathy of Hahnemann and Bönninghausen's practical method for its clinical application
describes how this method may be applied in every case of disease with ease and confidence

Part two

illustrates the application of this repertorial method with over fifty instructional cases from the clinic of George Dimitriadis

George has spent many years (since 1994) researching and more recently teaching this method in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. His revealing findings have been published in a series of articles in Germany (ZKH) and the US (AJHM). George is a leading authority on this repertorial method of Bönninghausen, and has used TBR exclusively in his clinic for more than five years.

This entire work is extensively referenced to source material with numerous excerpts from original works and manuscripts not otherwise readily accessible. We are confident this work will be found highly informative and useful, and will enhance your present understanding of this logical and highly successful method of practice.

Yours in Homœopathy,

Greg Oosterbaan
Hamilton, NZ
for Hahnemann Institute Sydney