Practice Makes Perfect

Arjen Pasma

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Practice Book for the Repertory.

This is a great book for all homeopathic schools and students, or any homeopath who feels he did not get proper training in the use of the Repertory. The book not only contains 42 series of excercises with a wealth of background information explaning all details of the repertory, but also includes chapters about case analysis, explanation of rubrics, remedy relationships and word indexes of both the Essential Synthesis and the Synthesis 9.1.

Included with the 42 series of exercises:

  • Articles about the repertory and repertorising
  • A summary about repertorising, with repertorisation sheet
  • Summary of repertory structure
  • All possible anatomical location rubrics in the repertory (example all Pain rubrics)
  • A chapter about remedy relationships
  • A chapter with explanations of all they key symptom
  • Word indexes for both the Essential Synthesis and the Synthesis 9.1
  • With extensive background information about the Repertorium, articles by Kent and Tyler about repertorising and much more.

Arjen Pasma has been teaching how to use the homeopathic repertory in The Netherlands and several other European countries for about 25 years. More recently he has been teaching in Kenya and Malawi. At several colleges in The Netherlands the question-series from this book are done over a period of two or three years, during classes and as homework. With this book Arjen Pasma will make you a perfect and experienced repertory user. Doing the exercises in this book is like being with him live during his classes.