Casetaking with Children- 1 DVD

Paul Herscu

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A 40-minute-portrait of Paul Herscu, interviewed by Heidi Brand, Kandern March 2010 , DVD 40 min.

The best-known American homeopath, Paul Herscu, explains in this interview the background to his homeopathic work. The substance of his casetaking obviously differs for babies, children, and teenagers. Yet his method of analyzing the case is the same. He looks for patterns and regularities in the behavior, appearance, and feelings of his patients.
With clear examples, he explains his concept of casetaking, describing how he proceeds using the example of autistic children.
Not just the appearance and behavior of the patient is important but also what the homeopath feels when taking the case, what images arise in the homeopath‘s head, and how the physiology of the homeopath changes. This concept can be applied to any type of patient: horse, baby, or 95-year-old woman.
Herscu gives the viewer an impressive insight into his work and his understanding of homeopathy, which is underscored by the similarity to his scientific approach.