Menopause and Homeopathy

Ifeoma Ikenze

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Pages: 160

A Guide for Women in Midlife.

We can't just put our feet up and rest when menopausal symptoms hit. We need safe, effective solutions so we can be in top form physically, mentally and emotionally. The solution many women are turning to is homeopathy.
- Lonnie Barbach, author of The Pause and Erotic Interludes

As women grapple with the issue of whether hormone replacement therapy is necessary for them, they need a greater understanding of what the body is undergoing in menopause. Dr. Ifeoma Ikenze, both an M.D. and a homeopath, writes out of the experience of treating women daily in her Northern California practice. She explains the changes that begin to occur in the female body after thirty-five, and how homeopathy can help.

Using patient cases as examples, Dr. Ikenze shows how physical, emotional, professional and spiritual problems can challenge one's health and self-image. She incorporates the latest medical research and addresses the spiritual and emotional challenges of menopause, which most physicians overlook.

How Homeopathy Works: Self-treatment; finding a practitioner
The Anatomy of Menopause: What's happening and why
The Pros and Cons of HRT. Is it for you?
Homeopathy for Midlife: From hot flashes to insomnia
Preventive Care: Osteoporosis and Heart Disease
Exercise and Good Nutrition: Why your body needs both now